Dr. Amanda Sanghera

Contact Lenses

Professional contact lens fitting in Oakville

Book an appointment with one of our eye doctors, and you will notice the difference a professional contact lens fitting makes!

Everyone has unique eyes. We celebrate the unique color of our eyes, but when do we think about the unique shape of our eyes? How can we expect that one contact lens will be just as good as another? Contact lens makers understand this, and so there are types and brands of contact lenses out there for everyone. But just how do you know which is the right one for you? A professional contact lens fitting will give you the answer.

Done by appointment, our optometrists will determine the best design of contact lenses to suit the shape of your eye. Because we are very serious about finding the best lens for you, we fit all the latest contact lenses in the Canadian market. In this way, you can purchase the contact lenses that give you the best vision with the most comfort.

Our service doesn't end there. Upon future visits, we will inform you of the latest lenses that are available to suit your needs. With the latest in lens technology at our fingertips, you will always get the best service possible.

Contact our Oakville office so we can extend our premium contact lens fitting service to you!

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