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Eye Exam

Oakville eye exams using the latest in optometry technology

Are you thinking of booking an eye exam? Is your vision not as clear as you would like, or your eyeglasses no longer work as well as they used to? Perhaps you have eye strain due to computer use? All of these are great reasons to have an optometrist examine your eyes.

But do you know the other benefits of an eye exam? Or the importance of monitoring a child's quality of vision beginning at age 3, then annually through their adolescence?

Comprehensive Eye Exam

Let's talk about all the things our optometrists will examine during an eye exam that you may not know about:

  • View the inside of the eye to confirm healthy blood circulation
  • View the cornea and the back of the eye to check for cholesterol buildup
  • Measure the pressure inside the eye to prevent early vision loss due to glaucoma
  • Detection and management of abnormal growths inside the eye
  • Use the latest digital, 2D, and 3D technologies to image and assess the health of the macula and optic nerve, which we recommend with each visit

And some things your optometrist will check that you may already know:

  • Determine your eyeglass prescription
  • Determine if you are a candidate for contact lenses
  • Assess your eye alignment and peripheral vision

Childrens' Eye Exam

During a children's eye exam, we specifically assess the following:

  • Eye alignment during growth phases
  • Near vision strain that can deter a healthy attitude toward reading
  • Poor distance vision that can impede success in an educational environment
  • Early monitoring for “lazy eye” (beginning at age 3)

Seniors' Eye Exam

Let’s not forget about the golden years! How can you enjoy your grandchildren, and your well-deserved retirement, without optimal vision!

  • Recommend management for chronic dry eyes
  • Detection of cataracts
  • Monitoring for macular degeneration
  • Pressure measurement and early detection of glaucoma
  • Use of 2D and 3D retinal and optic nerve imaging for early detection of changes year to year

Retinal Photography

To make your eye exam and vision care totally personalized and specific to you, our eye doctors can capture a digital image of the inside of your eye to allow comparison at a future visit. This is referred to as retinal photography. From one visit to the next, our optometrists can easily compare and detect for changes in the health of the eye.

Optical Coherence Topography (OCT)

The next generation of imaging is this 3D technology that comfortably captures cellular level detail of your retinal cell thickness, optic nerve, and panoramic views across the macula to the optic nerve. Having your personal imaging on file from one appointment to the next allows our eye doctors to compare and detect any changes to your eye health. Cellular level imaging is the latest technology for the early detection of eye diseases that can put your vision at risk.

Visual Field Assessment

This technology allows our eye doctors to assess for normal functioning of the retina and optic nerve. Abnormal functioning may mean there are problems such as: glaucoma in early or late stages, loss in vision due to stroke, brain tumor, or retinal detachment.

Contact our Oakville office so we can further discuss the benefits of an eye exam for you and your loved ones. The key to maintaining lifelong vision is routine eye exams. Let us be there for you.

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